So….this blog thing is hard

I need some motivation. When I decided to start a blog I was all gung ho!! Then life got in the way!! I got busy and started putting it off. Well I’m determined to get back to it! I have lots to talk about! I want to share my husband and I’s weight lost journey with yall! I also want to share some remodeling we are working on! You guys keep reading and I will try to be better at posting regularly!! Thanks for following! <3

Mid Week Happy

Get Outside!!! I feel like when I get outside it makes my whole mood better!!! I am currently sitting on a blanket behind my work building, under a shade tree eatting my lunch!! Sunshine is such a mood enhancer!!! Here are three things that the fresh air helps us with!!!

  1. Fresh air cleans our lungs and brings extra oxygen into our cells!! Increased Oxygen levels in our bodies gives us more energey to get things done!!! I know I need all the help I can get!
  2. Did you know that the extra oxygen levels also affects our serotonin levels! Serotonin gives us that feel good sense of happiness. It also makes us feel refreshed and relaxed! That will definitly help half way through a work day!!
  3. Fresh air can even keep us looking younger (yeah I said that…who doesn’t want that right)!! It helps keep our healthy cells healthy and keeps our stress levels down! That in turn keeps us looking fresh and younger longer! I’m all up for that!!

I hope that these little tidbits make you motiated to get outside!! Even if it is just on your lunch break at work! Comment and let me know what your favorite fresh air activity is!!

Sunday Inspiration


Sundays are special! I feel like its a day to connect to God and refresh! I try to take as much of the day as possible to decompress, since I know a new week is ahead! The Lord wants us to keep him near always! He is my rock and today this verse spoke to me! I fully believe that where he guides us he will provide for us! He has proven it to me so many times. This new blog adventure is going to be another! He put the idea in my head a week ago and in that amount of time I have researched and studied and built a blog without any prior knowledge of how they even worked. I believe that God is telling me that I have a story to tell and I can do it through this blog! I truly hope that my story can be an inspiration to others! Here’s to Happiness!!