Keto Version of Cheesy Meatball Bake

Keto Version (1)

So I found this amazing looking recipe on Dinner at the Zoo’s Page.  I couldn’t wait to try it!! It only needed a few adjustments to make it Keto friendly! I grabbed some ingredients from the store and headed home to give it a try!

So the only ingredients that are in the recipe that I needed to replace are the breadcrumbs and the milk. Easy enough right!

In place of the breadcrumbs, in almost every recipe I make, I use pork rinds. They are zero carbs for the plain kind (I use these). I simply put them in a ziplock bag and take out some stress from the day. I crush them all up then measure equally to the breadcrumbs the recipe calls for.  Instead of milk like in the original recipe I used heavy whipping cream. This is my go to replacement for milk on this diet. I use it for everything! I simply cut the amount in half. So in this recipe I used 1/8 cup.

This dish turned out exactly like the recipe just with fewer carbs! My entire family raved about it!!!! Thanks Dinner at the Zoo!!!